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24 hr. emergency storm service in Dallas, TX

What To Do After a Storm

Here in Dallas, we know thunderstorms. Knowing what to do after a strong storm can mean the difference between safety and scary. After the next big one rolls through our big Texas sky, here's what to do to keep your family protected and get things back to normal as fast as possible:

1. Make Sure It's All Clear
Before venturing outside, make sure the storm really is over. Check weather reports and the radar to make sure there are no more storm waves coming and that it is safe to go outside. By staying under cover until the coast is clear, you prevent problems before they start. It's also important to keep children and pets inside while surveying the damage. If you have tree damage, call our 24-hr emergency storm service in Dallas, TX and notify us of the problem so we can help right away.

2. Don't Go It Alone
Once you assess damages, don't take matters into your own hands. Low-hanging branches or hidden wires create hazards that can cause injuries without the proper precautions. Trying to prune trees witho24-hr emergency storm service in Dallas, TX24 hr. emergency storm service in Dallas, TX. Put our expertise to work for you.

3. Watch Out for Hidden Hazards
Trees aren't the only things to watch out for after a storm. It's also important to keep an eye out for broken glass or other debris. If a home or building has visible damage, steer clear until local officials give the go-ahead to return. Use battery-powered flashlights and other illuminating devices instead of candles in order to prevent house fires while the power is out during cleanup.

4. Shut Down Sparks
If you see sparks coming from any wires or if you smell something funny, shut off your electrical power or the gas valve until an expert can take a look. Notify the electric or gas company and call the fire department. Stay away from the building until the authorities say it's safe.

5. Get Back To Green
In addition to our 24-hr emergency storm service in Dallas, TX, we offer comprehensive tree service. Our experts offer trimming and pruning services that help trees regrow quickly and naturally. We know when to cut branches for optimum growth and when to let them grow, so your trees recover quickly and look beautiful.

We travel all over the Dallas Metroplex to quickly meet your needs and make your landscape beautiful. With free quotes and a quality guarantee, rest assured that we offer the best 24-hr emergency storm service in Dallas, TX you can find. Our regular tree maintenance, insect services, tree planting and emergency services offer unparalleled tree care to make your landscape shine.

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