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Deep root fertilization in Dallas, TX

Deep root fertilization in Dallas, TX is a method of delivering fertilizer and nutrients to trees and shrubs. It is delivered using high pressure equipment that goes into the ground. It helps promote good health in trees and shrubs during all the seasons.

This service keeps the soil from compacting or becoming hard and promotes soil aeration. This is the ability of the soil to absorb oxygen, water, nutrients, and healthy organisms. The roots grow deeper and work more efficiently. Deep root fertilization makes the soil around the roots healthier leading to better growth.

Often in urban locations cement and building prevent the ability of trees and shrubs to grow properly and absorb nutrients. Developed areas do not have as much organic material to decompose to improve the soil. Deep root fertilization helps trees survive in urban areas. The fertilizer penetrates the root system because the equipment is deep into the ground. Surface fertilizers are often diminished by wind and rain.

When you have poor soil quality this treatment improves tree and shrub growth. Deep root fertilization in Dallas, TX will give your home or business healthy trees and shrubs. It will correct problems that cause yellowing leaves, rotting limbs, and overall poor health.

The process injects water and a slow release fertilizer into the ground about two to 18 inches deep. It is often injected on a foot by foot grid. One of the benefits is that other nutrients like phosphorous, iron and potassium can be added to the fertilizer to improve the soil quality. Getting to the right location is an important part of this process.

Often soil sampling is done before actually applying he deep root fertilization The staff will find the best mixture for your soil at home or at your business. This is an important part of our services. After the soil analysis, we can come up with the best mixture of fertilizer for your trees and shrubs.

We target the feeder roots that often are located about 2 to 18 inches deep. These are the roots that absorb water, and other nutrients. Problems are often caused by compacted soil, limited space for roots to grow, pollution, and turf grass that absorbs all the water and fertilizers first. These problems lead to trees with disease and poor growth. That is why deep root fertilization in Dallas, TX is a good option.

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